Monday, August 29, 2005

Grand Opening!!

So, under peer pressure, I've decided to try my hand at "blogging". I decided to use my first blog to try and explain a bit where this all came from (but I have a feeling I will probably butcher this - and badly).

First, to explain the title - back in junior high (when they had those, and not "middle school"), someone pointed out to me that I "don't talk like no black girl, you talk like a white girl"; also, that I listened to "white people music" and wore "white people clothes". Then I was promptly nicknamed "Oreo" - you know, black on the outside, white on the inside. The intent was'nt nice either, and I was definitely aware of that - at first, I was terribly offended and hurt. Then I realized that there was nothing wrong with speaking correct English, and I could choose to do whatever I pleased, from my music choices, to my clothes, to my choice of people to hang with. So instead of being hurt, I embraced my "Oreo-ness" and let it go. I'm much better for it.

Next, my "rules" (not really rules, just a heads-up)....
1) I won't always be funny or witty or insightful. I have a few friends who have blogs, and they always seem to have something useful to say. Me? - I'll probably slip into "trite and stupid" more than once.
2) I won't always be regular in my posts. Right now, being a "double-stuff Oreo cookie" (thanks for the nickname idea, PammyJean), sleep is more important that posting. Plus the Blond Haired Blue-eyed Bohunk tends to hog the computer - he's writing.
3) I won't always be tactful or politically correct. Part of the reason I'm writing this blog is purely selfish.....I need to vent! (see title) Hopefully my friends can still hang out with me if we disagree.
4) This place will probably be in a state of flux - since I've never done this blog-thing before, I'll probably end up changing all sorts of stuff as I go along. So one day the font may be little, or a different color, or the headings and descriptions will change. But I promise it'll be here (at least for awhile anyway...). Hopefully, it will also get better as time goes along and I figure out how to do more interesting stuff.

Have at it!