Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Enough With The "Liberal Snowflake"

Stop. Just stop.

I'm getting really tired of this...the "you lazy liberal (or "libtard," which gets me more) snowflakes need to stop marching and protesting, get a job, and get over it!" diatribe.

Well, fuck you and the horse you rode in on, Range Rider.

I am about as liberal as they come. I have had some kind of job since I was 12 years old, when I had to prove I could ride a horse (no saddle, the wrong way on the trail, on a barn-sour horse - not an easy task). Day care, 2 pizza joints, a halfway house, an insurance company, a mortgage company, probation, social work....I have put in my time, and I still do. My parents - also liberal. Also worked. Hard. Really hard. My father also served this country, HIS country, in the Korean War.

Actually, all of the liberals I have ever known have had a job. And if they didn't have one, they were actively trying to get another one. And eventually did. Really, all of the conservatives I have known are hardworking people with jobs too. We all work. And its also true that some don't and sponge off the system. But to listen to these new-age, Trumpian conservatives tell it, only liberals are on welfare, have several children, and are not at all interested in working.

That's not my experience, nor is it the reality, so stop.

Marching and protesting got you the freedoms and protections you enjoy today. That 40-hour work week? Someone protested for that. Vacation? More protesting. That clean air you breathe, clean water you drink, uncontaminated food you eat? Someone marched and protested and fought for that too. Even those precious guns...that Second Amendment you like to pull out and wave in my Liberal Snowflake face - someone marched and protested for that.

As far as being a "snowflake"? Well, maybe I wouldn't "whine" if people didn't keep trying to take away the stuff that was "important" to know, women's rights, minorities' rights, environmental protections, a right to affordable health care...I would think everyone would want those same things. Instead, I get called names - names to go with the racist ones I already live with.


I'm going to continue to be the hardworking, employed, protesting, marching, migraineur, wife, mother, sister, friend, liberal, social worker, college graduate...or elitist, libtard, baby-stealer, snowflake, wagon-rider, welfare queen, pickaninny, n----r...depending on who you are.

And based on THAT...fuck you and the horse you rode in on,  Range Rider.


At 2:11 PM, Blogger PammyJean said...


It's not accurate to paint ANY entire group with a broad brush -- liberals, conservatives, whites, blacks, Christians, Muslims, green men on Mars.....

We are all individuals, with human needs.


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