Thursday, June 08, 2006

He Does WHAT?!?!!?

This is Brody, the newest member of the Anderson family (he's been here since February, but he's still the newest...) Brody has a talent - he is able to get the tips of his ears in his mouth and suck on them....that's right - he sucks on his ears! If you look closely at the picture, you can see that right ear tucked neatly into his mouth. Now, I don't know why he does this, or how he learned that he can do this, but he does. It's quite interesting to see the various ways he has devised to get said tip into said mouth. One way: he rubs his head against the couch, pressing his ear against his mouth, then just gathers it in. Another way: he takes a front paw and rakes from the top of his head, down his face to his nose, and in the process gets that ear to his mouth. And another way: same as Method #2, but with the back paw. He then proceeds to walk around, or lay down someplace, until he decides that he needs some food or a drink of water or just that he wants to switch ears. Insecurity? Self-comforting? Tasty? I don't know, but he's a strange one....

The family is still trying to adjust, but I think the majority of the decisions concerning who's "top dog" in the house have been made. Brody still does stuff that drives me crazy (gets in the trash, runs you over if you are in between him and outside, gets on the couch), but with a little training, I think he'll be ok. The Boy adores Brody, and Brody adores The Bohunk, and Oz is still pissed off that Brody's even here (but Oz is pissed off about everything, so nothing new there..) I suppose we'll manage.