Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Whole New Start

I's been over two years since I've been here to post anything. But, like the title says - it's a whole new start. Today is my 42nd birthday, and over the past couple of months, a few things have crept into my brain and my Capricorn mind grabbed them and refused to let them go. So, on what feels like the midpoint of my life, I've decided to change "me", do some things different, and hopefully, you will join me for the ride.

New Thing #1: I'm not going to be late anymore. It hit me in the face at the last book club meeting...I brought a new person and she apologized to the group for making me late (she arrived at my house about 15 minutes late and we were riding together). When she said this, the entire group burst into laughter, all at the same time, and explained to our new person that, if book club started at 2, someone's phone would ring at 2:30 and it would be me, saying I was on my way.

On the outside, I laughed and jokingly flipped everyone off and told them to bite me. Inside, I was a little hurt. All those times I was late - usually because something I was making from scratch to bring took longer than I expected, or something my family "needed" from me popped up at the last minute (of course). Sounds like excuses? They probably are, but at the time, I felt that I was doing it for someone else's benefit (the girls deserved my best home-made things, not some store-bought, processed thing; my family needed whatever attention they were asking for, no matter how small). My realization - it's not necessary. It's really more important to me to be on time, like I used to be in my "previous life".

So, change #1 - I'm giving up on trying to be perfect on things that don't matter to me, let others take care of things they are able to do on their own, and be on time.


At 11:50 AM, Anonymous PammyJean said...

We SO didn't mean to hurt you - -you know that, right? We love your homemade goodies! And I sometimes have a hard time getting just one grown person out the door on time, without making things. So with 2 kids, 2 dogs, a looong drive and baking/shopping time, we totally understand. And as I was telling someone (don't recall who, because this month has been a little flaky), it's a quirk about you that we've grown to know, accept and love. We all have them. I'm not sure what mine is, but I know it's there.

But if your change means that we get to spend a little more time with you, that's a bonus for all of us.

There's not a thing about you that we would ask to change. But if your goal is to be more on time, we'll certainly support that. Control what you can, do what you need, and know that we lurve you just as you are!!!


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