Saturday, January 01, 2011

I Believe In....Something...

New Thing #4: I'm going to be more spiritual.  I don't plan on going to church every Sunday, and it definitely won't be something that everyone will "see" on a daily basis.  But I do believe in a 'higher power', and, most of the time, when I ask for things (be it a solution to a problem, peace of mind, or even a 3-Story Barbie Dream Townhouse) I get them.  I wouldn't call it 'prayer' in the normal sense of the word, because I don't kneel and close my eyes and clasp my hands and implore God for whatever it is I'm struggling with at the time.  I do, however, concentrate on the outcome I wish to have, think positively that my outcome will happen, and then release that thought - that energy - into the universe, to that 'higher power'.  And, most of the time, what I want will happen.  Sometimes, it doesn't quite work out the way I want it to, or it doesn't work at all, but then, maybe what I wanted wasn't really the right thing in the first place and I'm really better off with the outcome that ended up happening.

I've had discussions about religion with a bunch of different people at a bunch of different times in my life, and I've come to this conclusion (strictly for myself, only my opinion) - no one's religion is completely right, nor is it the only one that 'works'.  Which is why I say that I'm going to be more 'spiritual', not more 'religious'.  That statement will probably make somebody angry, no matter how I try to explain myself, so I'll just keep going.  In being spiritual, I can take what works for me and not be bound by anyone's rules about how I'm supposed to worship; I don't have to be restricted in only 'believing' in God or Buddha or Jehovah or The Green Man or Allah or Earth Mother or anyone else; I don't have to go to a specific place or wear specific things.  There is one thing that does run through all religions, and that is treating your fellow man like you would like to be treated - that I can also do in being more spiritual. (Which also goes back to New Thing #3 - treating myself nicer!)  Now, I'm not slamming anyone else's religion or how they choose to practice - I think that everyone should live their lives as they see fit, and if something works and makes your life better, do it!  I think there are good parts to every religion...I just don't want to be restricted to just one - call me a rebel!

So, change #4 - be more spiritual.  Meditation. Quiet the mind.  Settle the body.  Let the thoughts flow.  And, somehow, things will be alright.


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