Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Said....No.

New Thing #2: I'm going to say "no" more. Now, The Bohunk is a smartass and would say that I say it too much already, but I'm going to ignore him. What I mean is, people ask me to do stuff, and I say I will so they will like me, or I want to please them. It's usually something that benefits them and not me (or at least there is some mutual benefits).

But it has taken me this long to realize that not being able to tell people "no" is really the root of other things that bother me about "me" and I want to change (see New Thing #1 and pay attention to future New Things). Being able to say "no" will free me, but I'm thinking some people in my life won't like this change much - it will force them to do things for themselves, or even do some things for me instead (what a concept!) Now, don't think I'm not going to say "yes" to stuff ever again...that's just not in my nature! I'm just not going to agree to do everything for everyone (isn't that a Barenaked Ladies album?)

So, change #2 - I'm saying "no" to things that are more important to others, "yes" to other things that are more important to me, and I can be free enough to be comfortable in making that choice.


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