Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mini-Rants - Reader's Digest Style

Ok, it's been ages (again), but here goes...

Can I say how much I'm glad the Dems took over the House yesterday? (and maybe the Senate too if that dumbass "Makaka" Allen would just quit whining and concede...who wants a recount now, bee-atch!?!?) Maybe now the country can stop fighting each other over stupid shit (like gay marriage and who is a "true" American) and do something about health care, the war (no...occupation) that isn't going well, educating our kids, renewable know, stuff that helps the workin' folk, regardless of whether you are an elephant or a donkey (as The Boy put it)...

Speaking of politics, I'm also happy that this election is over - I'm sick of the nasty mean commercials, the multitude of phone calls to my house, the junk mail... I made up my mind on most of the issues weeks ago, and I coulda done without all that..

A couple of weeks ago, the family gave up Brody - we (read: I) took him down to the Dumb Friends League to surrender him. I was fine, telling myself it was for the best (the final straw - he growled at the Girl every time she came near), that he would get a good home, etc. After filling out all of the paperwork, the volunteer asked me to take him back to the holding kennels since he seemed very timid. I agreed, followed the lady to the back, and put him in the kennel. I took the leash off, patted his head, scratched his ears and gave him a big hug and told him to take care - and as I walked away (holding back tears), he did the one thing I couldn't handle...he whined. I lost it. I hope he's already found a good home (since the League won't tell me one way or the other).

What's happening with my sports teams? The Avs don't seem to be doing as well as I'm used to, the Broncos have me wondering every week if they are actually going to win (even tho I still always pick them in my football pool), my Rammies are suckin' in the 70's (but at least they aren't as bad as the Buffs), and what's up with the 0-3 Nuggets?

I think my car is invisible - I've been nearly run over 3 times this week. Every one of them had a "W in '04" sticker on the back - go figure.

Did I say my son is smart? He's in the first grade, and is reading "The Chronicles of Narnia" every night. He said that he wants to read the Harry Potter series next... I'll try not to brag too much... :-)

The Girl is cutting her 2 top teeth right now - why isn't she crankier?

The holidays are coming (I saw Christmas stuff in my local K-Mart 2 weeks before Halloween), and I haven't finished my shopping. Every year, I say I'm going to start earlier, and I never do. Why am I procrastinating? I know it just creates stress for me... Here's what the next 2 months look like - my mom's birthday is 11/24, my son 12/4, mine 12/22, my sister-in-law 12/25, Christmas, my daughter 12/29, New Year's, my brother-in-law 1/2. Not to mention that I am hosting Turkey Day at my house, GAB Club, The Bohunk's work holiday party, my unit at DHS's holiday party (which I am also hosting), traveling to my mother-in-law's for gift exchange and dinner with her, traveling to my parents for gift exchange and dinner, hosting the gift exchange and dinner with my father-in-law - do I have enough yet? Is it too early to send my Santa letter?

I need to win the Powerball.

I want new clothes, shoes, and a car.

I need more time to be online - maybe I would post more often. Actually, I just need more time to do stuff I want to do.

Ok, I'm done (for now).