Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Boy, How Things Change.....

12/29/05 - the date the Double-Stuff Oreo Cookie was no I'm back to being my regular-old-Oreo-Cookie self. And so much stuff worth talking/ranting about has passed me by while my mind was "pregnancy-addled", so I guess I'll just have to let it be and start over.

But first - I have to brag on our new little one....Morgan, who has been aptly dubbed "The Girl" for this space (just seems to follow with The Boy and The Bohunk)... Anyway, she is a gorgeous (if I do say so myself) 7 lb, 7 oz, lanky bundle of wiggles and a set of lungs that could wake the dead (i.e. me at 2am when she wants to eat). She gave us a scare in the hospital when her heart rate dropped during my labor (thanks to induction hormones that made my uterus freak out), but she came out fine. And now I'm re-learning to be a mom to an infant again....I forgot how much advance planning it takes to go anywhere with a baby.

Ooo - I can rant about one thing that has to do with The Girl.... I now understand how The Bohunk feels when he goes out someplace with The Boy. Let me explain in food and beverage terms - The Bohunk is 2% milk, I am chocolate (not dark but not milk chocolate either - somewhere in between), which resulted in The Boy being a smooth cafe` latte`, if you will. So you can imagine the looks The Bohunk gets when he goes somewhere with The Boy and I'm not around to complete the picture and stop the question. The Girl, at this point in her new life, is also....2% milk. So I take her with me to the grocery store last week, and a lady stops me in the aisle and says "What a beautiful little girl!! Is she yours?" In my head I reply, "Nope - stole her out of the hospital and hoped the public wouldn't notice the difference.." Out loud I say, "Yes, she is," and completely gloss over how hurtful her comment was. And considering that The Boy didn't settle on his skin color until he was about a year old, I guess I should get used to the stares and comments.

Alright, I have to go and visit my other favorite blogs (all my friends, of course) and let them know I'm back (and they can come visit me here again soon)!

So much to talk about......